View Full Version : My Writing Plan for Now

07-31-2005, 09:01 PM
I thought I'd share my writing plan to see if any of you think it's a wise one.

I have ideas for several novels in my head, and I want to put them all down on paper as soon as possible. Instead of working solely on the first novel from brainstorming to final draft, my goal is to get the first draft of my first novel written, then work on the first draft of the next one, and so on. That way, I'll have the first drafts of several novels already written over the next few years to put down all of these story ideas, and at some point, I'll really take the first novel to the finish.

I do this because I'll need time before I'm comfortable with my writing skill and presenting it to an agent.

07-31-2005, 11:25 PM
I think it sounds like a great idea!

You may develop a new plan after a while, but in the meantime, you will have gotten a lot of ideas on paper!

Good luck!

08-01-2005, 06:29 AM
Hi there!

I'm working on my first novel, so I can only tell you my experience thus far and what I plan to do. I also have several ideas kicking around for subsequent works. I'm concentrating on finishing this first novel right now because, I've always been overwhelmed by the idea of writing a full novel that I just want to get it done (now that I'm doing it, the draft isn't so impossible). When I'm finishhed I plan on setting it aside for a few weeks and during that time, sketching out my plan for the next one. Then I will return to the first draft to start revising, and during that time be working on the draft for a new novel. Lucky for me, I have a "deadline" set in place because I want to participate in National Novel Writing Month for my second novel. ("Deadlines" and self-imposed writing goals i.e. certain number of words per day/so many days per week are what keep me going, even if I don't really "feel" like writing on particular days I do it anyway and I'm glad I did)

I think that for me, rewriting/revising the first novel and trying to get it into a final state will help me figure out what I did wrong/awkwardly/etc. in my first draft; I'll have those revising skills and know what I *don't* want to run into in drafts of later novels (I already know of a few things now, lol). I hope this makes sense! I guess I'm saying I wouldn't want to write 5 first drafts without revising any of them first. But I think whatever works best for you is the best thing!

Anyway good luck and keep writing!