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07-30-2005, 04:27 AM
Fill in blank. Hey I'm looking for a mentor slash executioner to help me find and agent/publisher/clue. Can take rough criticsism, can't spell without a checker. Will work for tips (On my mss}. Published author would be nice but will appreciate advice from all. Tell me if I suck, I can take it.


Query Below:

I am seeking representation for my sexy paranormal suspense, Cerridwen’s Tears, running approximately 80,000 words. The 2005 Guide reports you are interested in science fiction/suspense; for that reason I invite you to review the entire manuscript.

Cerridwen’s Tears is the first in a series featuring nurse Lara Hennessey who lives quietly in Westminster, MD until a freakish chain of events reveals her true heritage and uncovers a power both exciting and frightening. Her newly legalized vampire neighbor, Aedan, informs Lara that not only is she a descendant of the powerful Tuatha de Danaan, she is also a true Healer. Through him she gets a taste of just how sought after she will be when the supernatural community finds out. After Aedan helps her cover up the crime she commits defending herself from an ex-lover, she agrees to consult with him on the recent spree of Baltimore vampire murders. Lara soon finds herself up to her neck in vampires that either want to kill her or own her.

Due to the changes in her, Lara is unable to return to her job as a nurse and struggles to come to terms with her past, her new abilities, and her relationship with Aedan. Neither of them have time to come to any conclusions before the militant anti vampire group killing the city’s vampires has them both in its sights. They kidnap Lara and drug her unconscious for use as bait to garner the biggest kill of all- Aedan.

Cerridwen’s Tears is different from other books with vampire characters because it focuses on Lara’s development from who she thinks she is into a powerful force all her own, not on the vampires or their stereotypically angst ridden lives. The second book in the series, Healer, is completed and the third well under way.

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you.


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