View Full Version : Looking for Beta's for first 4,200 words of a contemp romance

12-19-2009, 11:56 PM
Hello all,

I'm searching for betas for a contemp romance I'm working on. This is a new-to-me subgenre of romance, as I'm normally a historical type of gal. Meaning I have no clue if I have any talent for this subgenre at all or if this setup is so horrific I should send it to the round file straight off. LOL

I have a verra thick skin as this is not my first time around the park, so any and all comments would be appreciated. Give me your overall impression or line-by-line, 'tis all good.

These pages have some attempts at humor and some mild sexual connotations, just so you know.

If you are interested, drop me a PM or just leave a note saying you are willing and I'll PM you. My preference is to send this from my regular email (not listed) to yours, but we can work that out.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone willing to take this on.

ETA: And right off I say Beta's in the header instead of Betas. Nervous much?

12-20-2009, 01:43 AM

Someone has graciously offered to beta read for me, and though I would not be adverse to more opinions, perhaps you'd like to share your talents and time with someone who has not snagged a beta reader yet.