View Full Version : YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Writing Partner?

12-14-2009, 03:57 AM
Hi! I'm currently in the very early stages of writing my YA paranormal novel. It's the summer holidays here in Australia, and I'm determined to get my first draft done before my final year of uni starts in March, so I reckon a partner that'd keep me on track will be just what I need. I'm going to be writing pretty much every day for as long as I can stand, starting today.

My novel is a ghost story set in an Australian small town, with a dash of super-secret-society-involved-in-paranormal-activity-regulation thrown in on the side. I'm interested in a partner who is at about the same stage of writing as I am, and is working within the YA urban fantasy or paranormal genre. We can cheer each other on! I'd like to make regular exchanges of chapters (say, about once a week?) to ensure that we are both meeting our goals, and to get an overall crit of the piece so far in terms of tone and what did and did not work etc.--not necessarily a long and involved beta.

If anyone is interested, please PM me so we can exchange a few pages of our work and talk a bit about what we'd like from a partnership.