View Full Version : New Beta Reader for Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

11-22-2009, 12:20 AM
I had a Beta reader for my story, but he's going to be busy for a month or two, and I'd like someone else to try to help me. Out of a beta reader I really only need two or three things;
I need help making the first handful of chapters not so confusing (which I have by introducing so many characters and giving backstory). I need to keep the back story, but I want it to be cleaner/smoother, and I need some help with that.

Making a summary for my book. Whenever I try to write a Query letter, I try to summarize my book, and I keep rambling and rambling. I've gotten to seven pages before I realized 'Wtf am I doing?'

And the normal plot holes, story smoothness, etc that you would normally look for during a beta read, though I have a feel after the first 6 or so chapters, this feels fantastic.