View Full Version : Betas needed, 3 categories, Africa travel fiction

Chris P
11-19-2009, 11:37 PM
Hello! I am currently looking for betas to read all or parts of an African travel novel. The entire work is about 200k words (yes, I know--I was hoping to get your input on the length too).

EDIT: haha! I know that nobody will fill all three categories, any one will do!

I need betas in three categories:

UK nationals/residents: Three of the characters are from Birmingham, and I know that it takes more than the occasional "bollocks, mate!" to make a character British. I would like a beta to read the dialogue and point out areas where the British characters sound too American (or the wrong kind of British). Also tell me if any of the characters sound TOO British.

People who have visited Africa: The locations have been researched extensively, and I have been to some of them, but there is nothing like being there. I would appreciate input from anyone who has visited or has lived in the following countries: Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi. Input from a tourist's perspective would be especially welcome. Please let me know which of these countries you have visited and I will send you the appropriate chapters.

African residents: The subplot of the book is the relationship of modern Africa to the world. I would be interested to know what any native-born or current African residents think of the book and the issues presented.