View Full Version : Beta Swap? (historical thriller-completed)

11-19-2009, 10:05 PM
Hi everyone,

am looking to swap manuscripts with someone who thinks the following description sounds interesting:
Blood Eagle is a thriller about a crime of passion and its consequences taking place in Sweden at the end of the Viking era:

“Olav Blackhair and Ragnar Jarlabanke are best friends, but when beautiful Thora enters their lives everything changes; both fall so in love all else ceases to matter. After she marries Olav, secretly devastated Ragnar spawns a plan to get rid of Olav. Ragnar’s intricate ruse doesn’t go quite as planned. Instead of Olav receiving the death penalty for a heinous crime he didn’t commit, Olav is exiled and his family has to give up all their possessions. Olav’s only chance to redeem himself and his family is to prove what really happened the night of the crime. With the Jarlabanke clan being so powerful, this seems impossible.”

I have worked on this book for years, so it is in a very polished stage. Maybe we can swap the beginning ten pages or so and see if we connect with each other's work?

Looking forward to productive exchanges!