View Full Version : Looking for a Beta for YA Fantasy

11-19-2009, 02:16 AM
Is anyone interested? At present, it's not finished yet, so I'll just start you off with the first few chapters and move on from there. Here's what it's about:

Seventeen year-old Aria Miller is officially contemplating becoming a nun. After cheating on her with the school slut, Trey's status has gone from Aria's boyfriend to Aria's ex.

Aria's BFFs Melanie and Charisse, though, knew from the beginning that Trey wasn't right for her. But Melanie and Charisse's "I told you so," is never spoken - instead, they push an unwilling Aria towards every good-looking guy they see.

Galen Amphdon is one of these guys, but he's not interested in Aria that way. Not yet, anyway, and that's how Aria wants it to stay. He needs information, and Aria is the only one who has it. The bad thing about Galen, though, is that he wants information without giving away any himself, and when Galen saves her from a mud-spray in an unusual manner - making the muddy water stop falling in mid-air - Aria's not telling him anything until he answers her questions first.

If you're interested, post to this thread and I'll send you a private message. I really, really need a good beta or two for this.