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11-10-2009, 07:50 AM

I've got a first novel I've just edited; it could use a read. here's a query:

Carla Kingston June 14, 2009

Dear ,

Metolius (a novel; 83,000 words) is a MONUMENT to a Vietnam War deserter, and a SEED of new feminism.


Unwilling participants in the Vietnam War are a generational archetype—a feature of the American landscape, often portrayed in grotesque caricature. For those of us who loved them, fucked them, married them and suffered the secondary damage of war, they’re the unlucky unfallen. The ones who never made it to the wall. Metolius is their wall.

On another level, Metolius satisfies our wish for one last conversation with a dead partner. Who hasn’t turned aside to make a comment to our spouse only to realize again they’ve left us?


Looking for a stout, hardy heroin who loves men the way a plant loves light? Try Terri White, the voice through which Metolius revisits sex roles, the roots of domestic violence, and our implicit and passive participation in war. A story of men without women to tell it is only half a story.


Is John Harrington really dead? Terri has reason to question the fact. And in light of their last encounter, ending with the discharge of a gun, she has reason to fear that he’s not. An unannounced visit to John’s brother produces a box of ashes, and sets in motion Terri’s road trip up the west coast. The story of John—Oregon farm boy, reluctant Vietnam vet, and bisexual wild child of the sixties—is told through a series of profoundly intimate and highly explicit conversations with her friend, Dave O’Malley, who acts as Terri’s confidante and companion on her errand of discovery. The journey dips Terri into a funk of secondary PTSD, culminating at the Metolius River in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

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11-10-2009, 06:33 PM
Hey, CKing, welcome to AW. I just want to point out that as the thread title says--this is a place for people who want to beta read to post. Not for folks to request beta readers. I'm gonna ask a mod to give you your own thread.

ETA: and now that some kindly mod has moved your thread, just wanted to say welcome again! One of the best ways to "recruit" beta readers is to get involved here on the boards. If you haven't already, I recommend visiting the Share Your Work forum. You can post a sample of your work for comments and comment on other people's stuff. I've found that once I got to know folks, it was easy to find people who were interested in beta-ing for the genre I write. Good luck!