View Full Version : Daylight Savings!

11-01-2009, 10:32 AM
I didn't realize it was today in my Time Zone!

So, I'm up all night studying and I look at the computer's clock and it says 1.15am. I KNOW that it said the same thing around an hour ago. Computer clocks almost never fail and I experienced a moment of panic.

Naturally, I assumed that all the studying was getting to me. Then I check the manual clocks and all of THEM say 2.15 .

The fact that it's Halloween night doesn't help matters.

I then proceed online and find out about Daylight Savings. I haven't had to do this before. What a surprise for me!

I can just about imagine how disastrous it could be if you forget to change the clocks. Have any of you encountered such disasters?

11-01-2009, 10:40 AM
I'm so glad you posted this! I knew the time changed at 2am, so when I looked at the clock a moment ago, I wasn't sure if it had already fallen back, or if it was going to fall back in twenty minutes.

So, um, that was a convoluted sentence. I'm not making any sense, which means I need to go to bed...