View Full Version : A Sobering Realization v. Post your Stats

10-29-2009, 11:53 PM
So, on a whim, I decided to count the number of words I post on the internet on an average day. I realize that on any given day, it can be much more or much less, so I just took the three days where I was pretty constant with my posts (here and other places) and added the words up. The results were interesting:

Day 1: Message boards: 1948, Blog: 995 = 2943 total
Day 2: Message boards: 1454, Blog: 1000 = 2454 total
Day 3: Message boards: 2826, Blog: 1072 = 3898 total

Message board 3 day average: 2076
Blog 3 day average: 1023
Total 3 day average: 3099

It was highly enlightening to me, because most of my posts are withing the 100 word range give or take. And that's how much a bunch of little posts add up.

My average message board posts are more than the daily needed to reach NaNoWriMo challenge (62,280). So essentially, I write a novel a month on message boards alone.


Anybody else want to post their stats so we can see how many words get put to the net in a given day/month?