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07-19-2005, 01:32 PM
Hi everyone
I just wanted to share this opportunity from my publisher with you all. I strongly urge you to have a go, I have been published form the first round comp Summer Sparklers. We are gearing up to a 12 spot winter comp. The shivers are a fill in. Phaze (http://www.phaze.com/) is alway open to subs and they are new author friendly. Small but growing stronger everyday they are an upwardly mobile group. So take a look over the site. www.phaze.com (http://www.phaze.com/)
My Sparkler is titled, Sea Lover.

Hot Thrills! Erotic Chills! Edge-of-your-bed action!

Phaze HeatSheet Shivers

Phaze is now accepting submissions for its next HeatSheet theme: Shivers. Only six stories will be contracted for this line this year, so competition will be... stiff. Mwahahahaa!

What: Erotic fiction, romance preferred, containing creepy creatures, crypts, castles, coffins, candy corn--anything to make readers shiver with delight and horror! (BTW, horror should be plot-based, and not blood-based. We want tension, not gore.)

Length: 5,000-12,000 words

Deadline: Midnight of September 5th, 2005
Submissions: Please be sure to include the word [Shiver] in your subject line!! Otherwise your submission may not get to the right people. Send all submissions to our standard submissions address (found on the submissions page (http://www.phaze.com/submissions.htm)).

Questions: Please consult our Submission Guidelines (http://www.phaze.com/submissions.htm), FAQs (http://www.phaze.com/faqs.htm) and Sample Contract (http://www.phaze.com/contract.htm). If you still have questions, you may contact us at the address found on the submissions page.
ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST ADHERE TO OUR Submission Guidelines (http://www.phaze.com/submissions.htm).