View Full Version : Blogging about Nano?

10-28-2009, 10:12 PM
Hey everyone. So we all know that Nano is right around the corner. I know lots of bloggers like to do Nano specials like chronicling their Nano experience, or whatever. Any of you guys doing something like that this year? Please feel free to post and share what you'll be doing, because it's always so hard to find these things, but they're so much fun to participate in!

For my part, I'll be doing a weekly break-down of each week of the Nano process and I might include some other cool nano-related stuff. I'm also, hopefully, going to be doing a thing for everyone who might not be nanoing. As an exercise in self-promotion, I'll post ten interview questions over the course of November, talk about the question, and ask writers to answer them in a way that would best interest potential readers. I'll probably answer them as well. :) My blog is *Headdesk* (http://www.headdeskforwriters.blogspot.com)

So that's what I'm doing. What about all of you?