View Full Version : Hardware Help!

10-23-2009, 07:46 AM
Okay, so, I recently reinstalled Planescape Torment because...well, if you don't know why one would reinstall PST, then you need to buy it and play it right now.

Anywho, I start it up and notice these visual errors. They come in three types:

1st) Whenever a character moves to the right, they remain facing to the left and running forward...but moving backwards.

2nd) Whenever I cast a spell, one of two things happens. The first is that the projectile of the spell leaves behind little black boxes in the air.

3rd) The second kind of spell casting visual error is...hard to explain. The screen flashes, everything slows down, and then my character...splits into four copies of said main character, then snap back together again and everything runs normally again.


I have found two possible solutions. The first is to enable software mirroring, transparency, and something called blitting.

Now everything looks fine...but the game runs slowly, and the framrate plummets whenever a spell is cast (and as I play a mage, this happens rather often)

The other possible solution, which I hope will let the game run better, is to partially disable the hardware acceleration on my computer. So, I track down the hardware acceleration tab and...its grayed out!

The stupid computer is forcing me to use the Nividia Control Panel.

So, can someone who understand this crazy NCP tell me how to turn down the hardware acceleration.

Or if there is an easier way to fix this...


(I'm on a Windows 7 machine, with a GeForce 9800 GT)