View Full Version : Would love a BR for YA para

10-21-2009, 07:51 PM
Hi, I'm new here and I have a completed MS that's currently submitted to an agent, but I would really like another pair of eyes to look over it. I just finished up with two fabulous crit partners from Romance Divas, but thought I might get another beta. Please.

I would gladly trade. I write paranormal, not just YA but adult, and historical romance. I'm not excellent with grammar, but during my last crit group I shaped my stuff up, so I can offer some assistance with grammar.

Here's the blurb....

Sometimes breaking Heavenís law is worth it, even if it means Hellís waiting for you.
When her fatherís misdeeds force her to transfer at the end of her freshman year, Sarah Armstrong thinks tiny Wenham University just might be the perfect spot to forget her past and start new. Too bad the small Massachusetts school happens to be the ancient stomping ground for Hellís demons and Heavenís angels. And at the center of it all is the enigmatic Caleb Smith. When Sarah becomes a demonís pawn to lure an angel out of hiding, she finds an unlikely hero in the sullen, bad-boy rocker. Every time he saves her life, she chips away at his faÁade and finds more than a man, but an angel sheís willing to lose not only her heart over, but also her soul.
BROKEN is a 90,000 word YA paranormal filled with Guitar Hero angels, Fashionista demons, and a forbidden love that tests Heavenís boundaries.

PM me if you you'd be willing to take a look, and I am willing to trade.