View Full Version : Have You Written Childrens' Programs/VBS?

07-15-2005, 09:57 PM
Have you written any VBS materials or similar progams? My church is currently in the middle of their VBS program and a number of people have asked if I'd consider writing next year's program. I'm looking for any pros / cons, glitches etc that you've encountered while trying to do the same.

07-15-2005, 11:08 PM
I've done our church's. First thing you should try to do is get feedback from all teachers and as many students as you can - now, while it's still fresh. What did you like about this year's? What didn't you like? What would have made it better? etc.

You can never start too early. When I did this (for our Christmas programs, too) I found that I needed to get a big head start. Try to get it done 6 months ahead of time, so the staff has time to prepare and you can customize to their needs.

07-15-2005, 11:56 PM
What did you do about music? I can't hold a tune or stay on key but my husband is very musical and my youngest is a music major at college. Do I need to have original music (I could have them write some) or can I use tunes already out there? Writing the opening skit will be fairly easy (I've written a few murder mystery theater pieces), but how much of the other stuff can be reused from published programs we've purchased in the past? Where do you get your craft ideas? Your snack ideas? Games that follow the suggested theme? Etc.:flag:

07-16-2005, 01:09 AM
I used music that's already out there for a couple of reasons. First, it wasn't getting published, so I didn't have to worry about copyright or persmission. Second, the kids wanted something easy to sing - so use a song over! They love it! Or, use the melody and change the words to fit your theme. Third, there's plenty published that they haven't sung yet. I tried to mix some familiar ones with just a couple that were new to them.

Since I wasn't publishing it, I recycled a lot! Or, I'd start our recyclying, then rewrite and find out that it was really different. Either way, I used lots of resources.

My church and I have several books on games, snacks, crafts, etc. I used those to either copy the idea or launch my creativity. Oriental Trading has cheap kits that do the trick, too (crafts.)

If you don't have those kinds of books readily accessible, ask to borrow old Sunday school and VBS material. There's usually a wealth of untapped ideas in those. Also, go to other churches and ask if you can use their library or teacher materials for a day. As long as you stay on the premises and offer to pay them for use of their copier, I think you could turn up quite a bit.

Remember that not all your games and snacks have to follow the theme. Do some just for fun or just for refreshments. And, your snacks can be the craft project as well. Edible art.