View Full Version : The Best Baseball Call EVER.

10-02-2009, 05:47 AM
Okay--for a gorgeous example of baseball prescience, check this out:

http://mlb.fanhouse.com/2009/10/01/mike-blowers-can-see-the-future/?icid=main|main|dl5|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fmlb.fanhous e.com%2F2009%2F10%2F01%2Fmike-blowers-can-see-the-future%2F

Mike Blowers calls this player's first major league home run with the right at bat, the right section of the deck, the right pitch and the right count. The call for rookie Matt Tuiasosopo (http://mlb.fanhouse.com/players/matt-tuiasosopo/8367)'s first MLB home run is AMAZING--and the color commentator's actual reaction to the hit is hysterical.

10-02-2009, 07:35 AM
Heh. That's awesome.

10-02-2009, 04:51 PM
That's pretty cool. I sent the link to my favorite baseball fan. Thanks!

Maryn, amazed

Jersey Chick
10-02-2009, 05:05 PM
I saw this on the Rachel Maddow show two nights ago - how cool was it?! I had to go and tell Jersey Guy (a big baseball fan as well) just because it was so cool. :)

Silver King
10-06-2009, 03:38 AM
Heh. That's awesome.
It sure is. Almost spooky, too, given how much detail the prediction contained.

10-06-2009, 03:42 AM
Yeah, I'm trying to get him to predict-an-agent for me, but so far he's refused. :)

10-06-2009, 09:03 PM
Does he give stock tips?