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07-13-2005, 08:03 AM
Hi everyone!

I'm working on an article for an Ontario-based magazine and need the input of Canadian parents. How did/do you keep in touch with your kids as they go off to college? Feel free to PM me or e-mail me at faerydancer0 at yahoo dot com.

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,
Brenda Stokes

07-13-2005, 01:18 PM
Brenda, I'm neither Canadian nor a parent, but I always thought this was cute-- my parents actually bought a set of three videophones when I went to college: one for me, one for them, one for my grandparents, so we could see each other when we talked on the phone. This was 12 years ago, before webcams and fancy technology... it worked like a strobe, where you'd get a new photo ever couple of seconds, lousy quality, but the idea was really cute.

07-13-2005, 04:44 PM
Not Canadian, but when I was off to college, my parents gave me a special calling card that would let me call home and have it charged to their phone bill.

07-15-2005, 12:48 AM
I'm Canadian (Victoria BC) and 2 years back, the year of the dreaded Ontario Double Cohort, my son went 500 miles away to attend UNBC in Prince George. I have to admit that we made no special arrangements to keep in touch with him. He had email, and if I wanted to get hold of him I emailed - he was kind enough to share that contact information with me ;)
Occasionally he phoned, from the payphone in the student union building, and we had long, rambling and surprisingly friendly conversations about his classes, his assignments, his relationships and the real purpose of going to university.

Oh wait - we got him a call-me card, so he could call home from anywhere. That might have happened before he left, though.
And I did use my SCA (medieval reenactment) contacts locally to help him get his computer from the bus depot to the university.

07-15-2005, 08:11 PM
My son goes to college next month. My plan for staying in touch is simple:

Call blocking!

07-24-2005, 01:48 AM
I'm on the other side of the lake, but here's how we keep in touch with the kids when they're away at school:

--Cell phones with X number of minutes for the group. Although my daughter and I may talk for literally hours, we've never once gone over as a group. Thanks, taciturn men!

--The understanding that it's fine to call to talk a while, but it's also fine to call to ask a quick question--what was that movie where the guy does the thing? Yeah, that's it, thanks. Need anything? No? Okay, honey. Bye.

--Our Yahoo group which collects any messages intended for the whole family, from jokes to schedules to idle conversation like we might have over dinner. Here we discuss what courses to take from which professor, whether to go out with that guy who's actually kind of boring or try a party where you hardly know anybody, and so on. The Yahoo group includes a files section (phone and address books went there immediately, and later Christmas and birthday lists), photo albums (perfect for digital camera users), and a chat (which was slow but worked). All free.

--Instant messaging for the kid who never calls or writes. We were careful not to keep him for too long, but he seemed more willing to share his life that way than on the phone. (Although we were still the last to know about his girlfriend!)

--The students have lots of ways to keep in touch with friends who attend other colleges. I don't know if Facebook and LiveJournal are as huge in Canada as in the Great Lakes states, but it's how they know what's going on with their buddies at other schools.

I hope this is some help.

Maryn, glad to have her 'babies' home for the summer