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09-28-2009, 06:25 PM
(U.S.) If a covert branch of the government were to reactivate former military personell who served as medics and wanted to keep it covert, would they reactivate them at a higher rank, say a warrant officer? If they reactivated them as officers, would that have to go through congress only if they were above captain?

They are being reactivated for special duties inside the US if that matters and it's set 30 years from now so they can easily have a reactivastion clause despite having been enlisted.

What rank would a medic have? The ones that I've known always called themselves "specialist" and would never give a clear answer when I'd ask, "So that's an E-What?"

Richard White
09-28-2009, 06:56 PM
When I was in the service, (84-99), the medics I dealt with were E-1 (Private) to CW4 (Chief Warrant Officer). Most of the officers were actual doctors or interns.

The combat medic field was the 91-series I believe (91B, 91C, etc.). Again, it's been a while, but I think my memory is good here.

Although there's lots of information on the web, some questions like this can also be answered at a Recruiting Station. Things like ranks structure and MOS are unclassified and most recruiters are willing to provide information/pamphlets on different fields (even if you make it clear you're just doing research for a story and not interested in joining up ;) )

OH, BTW, a Specialist is an E-4. They used to be known as Specialist Four or Spec Four, becuase at one time the Specialist ranks went from E-4 to E-9. They whittled them down over the 70s/80s until only Spec Four was left. After a bit, there was no real reason for the pay designator, so they are just known as Specialists (1/2 pay grade lower than a Corporal for the hierarchy - Corporal is a junior NCO, a Specialist is just an enlisted person.)