View Full Version : Seeking betas for quirky, dark Literary/Mainstream Novel

08-27-2009, 08:47 PM
I'm looking for a few betas to read, as advertised, a quirky, dark novel that's likely to be literary or mainstream fiction. I'm not in need of any line-by-lines, and am primarily looking for people willing to discuss narrative arc, character development, plot logistics, and POV.

If you'd like to read some samples from the book, I've got a couple teasers posted on my blog (http://bryngreenwood.wordpress.com/) under the title THIRTEEN.

Here's a very rough blurb about the story:

As the daughter of a meth dealer, Wavy knows it's not safe to trust other people. In fact, not much of anything is safe, according to her addicted, OCD mother. It's better to keep your mouth shut, your hands in your pockets, and stay out of sight. After witnessing his motorcycle wreck, Wavy forms an unusual relationship with one of her father's thugs. She begins to understand that there are some people you can trust and they're not always the ones you expect. The problem is that when you're a kid, you don't get to make your own decisions, even when you're the only responsible adult around.

Although the protagonist is a young girl, this is not a children's book or a young adult book, as it has lot of adult themes in it. I also have to issue a content warning, because the book contains reference to sexual contact between and adult and a minor.

I'm happy to recip, but I don't have any patience for grammar, syntax, or spelling correction. I am extremely honest in my critiques, and I prefer to receive honest reader reaction, including readers who are honest enough to say, "You know, when I got to chapter ten, I didn't want to read anymore." That won't hurt my feelings as long as you tell me why you stopped reading. That helps.

If you're interested, please PM and we can look at the first few chapters to see if we're a good fit.