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08-21-2009, 05:52 PM
Come and read my contest post, "Erika Seals, Creative Madness," for a chance to win a ten dollar gift certificate to Barnes&Noble.
The premise of the contest is simple. Read the blog post, leave a comment, and you're entered! The contest will continue until Sunday evening when the winning post will be chosen at random by an objective third party member - probably my husband. So come by, read, and comment. It's that simple! I've even included the link.

http://eviealextheo bsessivewriter. blogspot. com/2009/ 08/contest- post-erika- seals-creative. html (http://eviealextheobsessivewriter.blogspot.com/2009/08/contest-post-erika-seals-creative.html)

When the novel releases, I'll throw in a free autographed copy of the novel, Obsessive, Compulsive and Published!

Happy reading and good luck!

~ Evie

08-24-2009, 03:14 AM
The contest is now over. I'll announce the winner later this evening. Thanks to those who stopped by and read. Cheers.

08-25-2009, 06:11 PM
Ooooh I missed it.