View Full Version : Seeking topical MM essays -- non-paying

07-01-2005, 07:49 PM
Forbidden Fruit --www.fordiddenfruitzine.com-- is looking for essays of interest to female readers of gay male romance and erotica. This is a non-profit zine so there is no payment. FF is mainly a forum for getting some of your ideas out there, but writers of MM material may find it a good way to reach new readers (you get a bio and links).

I need a strong essay for the September issue, any topic of interest to our readers. Here are some possible ideas.

* MMF Menage (writers or readers perspective, comparisons with MM or MF)
* Erotica writing or reading mothers, what to hide, what to explain, childproofing erotic material etc.
* The effect of the e-publishing boom on MM fiction
* Slash to Cash--going from fanfiction to writing for profit.

Essays do not need to be long or exhaustively researched. Personal stories and perspectives are encouraged so long as your point is clear and your argument is well thought out! If you are interested just email me at veingloryATgmail.com, ask any questions here.