View Full Version : Smiles and finding this site...

06-30-2005, 05:23 AM
I am in a wonderful position and I'd be an a-hole if I didn't acknowledge it. I love writing so much that I have to run and put on extra deoderant when I'm on a roll. With my novel, I've gotten a fair number of rejections, some with handwritten encouragement and two from big-time agents asking me to check back with them (over the moon on those two, I'm tellin' ya.) And now I've found this place. I can say what I want. I can ask for feedback and get it because anonimity frees people to say what they really think. This place feels like home. You people are so fascinating and brilliant.

I may never get published. It seems to me that it's 40% talent, 40% persistence and 20% luck. I'll take those odds. My life has unfolded in this wonderous time and place where I might get paid to make sh** up. God, that's cool.

And if I don't, I can take my mental vacations and write them down... at least people I know will enjoy them. My friends and family love to roll up their sleeves and get into it with me. They make me better... they make me love the process. I hope I can put their name on an acknowledgement page someday. they deserve it and so much more.

I will not suffer for my craft... I don't need to. (Other than the pangs of thesaurus related anxiety.) I am so fortunate. I should be struck by lightning if I don't recognize it from time to time.

07-07-2005, 04:28 PM
Welcome, Perks! Glad you found us. You're right about being fortunate--you are in a rare position. I'm really happy for you, and I hope to see you around here a lot. This place is chock full of valuable information, and amazing people who are kind enough to share their wisdom and experience.

Good luck to you, and let us know how you're progressing!