View Full Version : Beta Reader Need for Young Adult Fantasy

08-06-2009, 02:57 AM
I am looking for a beta for my novel complete at 80,000 words. The novel has had some extensive editing but is not perfect. I've been editing on my own and need a fresh pair of eyes. I am not looking for fluffy answers about how much you love it. I need any errors I missed pointed out and a general over view of the novel. Before any work is sent it would be a good idea to come to an agreement about some things first. I'm looking for someone to develop a relationship with.

Abrief synopsis: Nima is a sixteen year girl who has spent her entire life moving. One night she makes the biggest move of her life by crossing into a mystical land. Once there she finds out ancient secrets and loses her best friend. Nima must decide is she will comply and leave her friend to die or violate orders and save her.

This story is not just about the plot. It's a tale of a girl searching for her identity through a place to call home. There is also a religious undertoe but not preachy. You might not even notice the religious aspects of it unless you have an extensive background on the subject. I'm keeping it very subtle, virtually undetectable.

The goal is to create a compelling commercial story with a few literary elements.