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08-03-2009, 06:27 AM
One of my characters is called an infinite a product of a demon noble and an angel concidered taboo and unknown to the populous. He is the infinite of sorrow and eats/absorbs the souls of those consumed by sorrow. Sort of like a grimreaper or the angel of death.

All his victims have shown sypmtoms of suicidal tendencies what would be releastic suicidal thoughts and actions most would commit before death.

I would very much appreciate it!

08-03-2009, 01:14 PM
There are a few groups of people who consider or attempt suicide.

1. Those who are experiencing despair and/or depression

Typically this group have very low mood. everything seems black and hopeless. They don't seem to have much energy. everything seems hard if not impossible. They thoughts tend to be very negative and hopeless. There is a classical triad of negative thoughts:

People have negative views of themselves (People would be better off without me, etc)
Negative views of their circumstances and daily events (No-one cares about meand the fact that Mrs Smith said she'd phone and didn't proves it)
Negative views of the future. Negative views of the future are expecially important as people often consider suicide when they can't see any way for things to get better.

This group might isolate themselves. Withdraw from their friends. Maybe drink, or self harm. They might not be sleeping well, getting preoccupied with their problems, reduced appetite, poor concentration and memory. Things they enjoy stop being fun and everything seems an effort. They might not care for themselves very well. They might stay in bed or curl up on the sofa. They might not bother to cook or go shopping often enough, and personal hygiene might not be as important as it once was.

People with depression might fit into this group.

If they decide to kill themselves they may actually feel a bit better as they think they have a way out. They may put their affairs in order. Repaying debts, writing notes, or even wanting to see people they care about to tell them how much they love them. They might prepare for the act, without actually doing it, eg by having a load of tablets in the house ready.

2. People who are stuck and see suicide as the way out.

This group could include almost anything. People with major financial problems. People with terminal illness or pain, or even someone who owes a lot of money to someone who has a reputation for hurting people who don't pay them back......or just someone who is being bullied.

The common thread would be the thought that something terrible was coming and there was no way to avoid it. That might be linked to a genuine problem or it might even be the state of mind of someone with a paranoid illness. This group might feel very out of control.

This group might be quite highly aroused, possibly anxious and fearful rather than low and despondant....although they will have despondant periods. They might be putting a lot of energy into trying to solve their problem and getting more and more agitated as they fail.

This group might also have a sense of peace...someone with a terminal illness who has decided to kill themselves might be feeling quite relaxed as they may feel they actually have found a way to avoid their problem and regain control.

3. People who are angry or hurt and/or feeling sorry for themselves.

About 90% plus of all the suicide attempts I've seen fit this catagory. An impulsive suicidal act that happens without much thought or planning after a stressful experience....typically an arguement with their partner, but it could be any major life event. People usually say after the event that they weren't thinking straight and just wanted to get out. They usually regret the action afterwards. Common thoughts are that life isn't fair and everyone is picking on them.

People in this group tend not to have very good strategies for coping with stress.


08-03-2009, 02:59 PM
Giving or throwing most things away, deleting files on computer, removing profiles from social networking sites, are all danger signs that someone may be planning to kill themselves.

08-03-2009, 04:21 PM
Not so much a symptom, but a scenario I've seen more than once...

Someone who bottles up their rage, doesn't dissipate or let it go or even hurl it at some one or something. Especially if a big chunk of their anger can rightfully be blamed on some specific people (parents in one person's case). That anger has to go somewhere, and it can end up eating a person alive. Ultimately, they'll aim it at themselves and thus end up suicides.

My mother did not actually kill herself, but she did live a destructive lifestyle clearly aimed at numbing herself. Had she gotten the chance/made the effort to slap her own mother hard enough to make that old harpy bleed, Mum might have lived a longer and healthier life. Even better if she could have had some tiny measure of revenge on both her mother and father (terrible, sick people the both of them).

But one characteristic that made a huge difference in her life was the way she'd find of hiding her problems, of refusing to talk about them, even joking if the issue did come up, yet weaving a distracting web each time a person tried to learn more.

08-03-2009, 07:17 PM
Worthlessness. No one needs me. Super low self esteem. A once very strong willed person can find themselves in a part of their life that they have no move value. Feel that no one loves or cares about them any more.

Being tired and wore out from the 'struggles' of life. Just can no longer cope with even the day to day responsibilities of life.

Bringing disgrace, (maybe not really founded.) to family/friends. Feel they can not ever fix the hurt they have had a hand in bringing into others lives.

Abused by SO or family to the point of not being able to live with them any more and seeing no other way out. Death looks better then living in the day to day abuse.

A minor mess up is blown out of proportions and ends up becoming a very large mountain that they feel they can never climb.

08-04-2009, 06:14 AM
Thank you all that really helps and gave me alot of ideas for some of the scenerios to help move my story. It as well helps me develop my characters personality more, I am grateful.