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Jacquelyn Hyde
07-30-2009, 03:01 AM

I've been writing for all of my life and, for the last few months, have finally started actively trying to get myself published. I lost a couple of critters to college plans a good while back and never managed to find replacements. I thought I would give this site a go.

I'm looking for people who have an interest in bizarre tales. I write fantasy, horror, and "weird" speculative fiction. In other words, my last two completed works were a zombie novella about sexual identity and a story with a protagonist who goes to extreme lengths to remove his pinky toes. The critique partner(s) I'm looking for should be all right with mature content and the possibility that some of the writing I send their way may contain heterosexuality/homosexuality/everything in between characters/themes.

I have a love for all forms of fantasy; modern, dark, high, what-have-you. I adore faeries and hate vampires. I enjoy and (try to) write character-driven stories that deal more with emotions than politics.

I say "long-term" in the thread title because I'm hoping to find, pardon the corny phrasing, a friend. I'd like someone I can chat writing with while we swap prose. I like relaxed relationships with my crit partners. If this lengthy post is any indication, I talk type a mile-a-minute so if my incessant rambling is going to be a nuisance, I'm not the partner for you.

Ideally, I want someone experienced, who can give detailed critique and manage a quick turn-around time. For short stories, I average less than a week. For novellas, it may take me a little longer to get my opinions back to you. As for novels, I prefer to take those one chapter (or the equivalent) at a time.

I can take concrit as well as I give it. I'll hate you and go running for a box of Junior Mints to ease my battered, little ego - but if you can only tell me the truth by being blunt, I'm down with that.

I've realized that I'm very blunt, myself. If you send me an attachment, I WILL comb through the story making suggestions and corrections, telling you what parts I hated and what parts I loved, and making snarky little comments because... I think I'm funny I'm hilarious.

As for a mentor, I'm very new to the idea. It's hard to say what I'm looking for in this department, since I've never had one. I suppose I would like someone published (professionally and by traditional means. I realize you can make money self-publishing, but I have no plans on pursuing that option.) I would also like someone older than me. (I'm 22.) You may be younger than me, a better writer, and published... but I'll resent you for it. I know my shallow self. I'll be envious and dubious and all shades of ungrateful.

If anyone interested would drop me a reply or a PM, that would be wonderful.

Thank you!

09-07-2009, 11:05 PM

I don't know if you've found anyone, but I'd be interested in working with you. I'm looking for the same things in a critique partner that you are.