View Full Version : Seeking beta readers for 80,000-word YA fantasy/romance

07-20-2009, 08:39 PM
I'm seeking beta readers for:
- entire book
- first three chapters

Here's the unfinished query:

Everyone around fifteen-year-old Issy can shift into an animal, but the ceremony that determines whether she’ll fly on the wind or stalk through the forests fails—leaving her soul fractured. Her inability to shift attracts the mistress of an exclusive academy, who offers her the chance to audit magic classes in exchange for participating in a fractured souls study.

At the academy, she tries to settle in, hiding her injured psych. An eagle shifter and fellow student named Amias saw her failed ceremony and befriends her despite it. Then she finds out her inability to shift wasn’t random chance: an enemy sorcerer from the North tested a top secret fracturing spell on her.

When Northern assassins attack Amias, Issy decides to avenge the pain her friend has suffered by finding and reporting the Northerners’ southern base. However, she doesn’t realize she’ll have to twist her own morals to do it.

Anyone interested in betaing? =)