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07-19-2009, 07:00 PM
Beta Found. Thanks everyone!

Hello, I'm new registered member of the forums, though I have been lurking for a good while. It has great information and I've learned quite a bit. So now I finally decided to sign up and I was hoping to get a beta reader as well as a person to nudge me with a pitchfork when I start to slack.

I have finished the rough draft of my epic fantasy book. Here is a little bit about it.

"At birth, like every child born with Spirit magic, Elaria magic is ripped out of her in order to protect the world. A black flame marks her hands notifying everyone of what she is; a Burnt Child who is hated and feared. After accidentally bonding with a forbidden artifact, Elaria tries to escape to the mythical city of Crysalis where, it is said, a Burnt Child can be free. She bands together with her accident-prone best friend, a murderer, a cursed man, and a ghost with a terrible secret, while trying to survive the Purifiers hunting her. In the end Elaria must decide whether her freedom is worth the price of the world."

I need someone to help me through my revision process. Here are some of the things I'm looking for in a beta:

- Someone who enjoys fantasy, especially the magic aspect of it.

- Someone who has a good grasp of English grammar and sentence structure/flow, especially in regards to passive vs. active (I do tend to sometimes overlook this in my work and need someone who can point it out.)

-Someone who can identify content errors or just things that they consider bad writing, plot holes, or other things of the like.

- Someone who can be honest and direct. I don't want a person that will beat around the bush, because they are meek about hurting my feelings. Just be honest and direct so I can make fixes as quickly as possible.

-Someone who can point out what does work, so I can at least see what I'm doing right.

- Someone who has time to do this. I'm a quick writer and I'm trying to get revisions done by at the end of September at the latest, end of August at the earliest so I need someone who can either get back to me promptly or who doesn't mind doing big chunks. We can work out the details if you decide you would like to help.

-Lastly, and this is a bonus, it would be nice to have someone who will hold me accountable. Revising is my least favorite part of the process, so I am worry I might tend to slack off. So someone who doesn't mind yelling at me to get back on track would be nice.

I know this is a lot to ask for from someone that is doing it for free, so I understand if it's not your thing, but if you might be interested and would like to work out details I'll be a happy camper. Just PM me or write me back here. Thanks for considering being a beta for me!

07-21-2009, 07:04 AM
Thanks for all the responses to volunteer to be my beta! I've chosen one and I look forward to moving forward. Thanks again!