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06-27-2005, 12:30 AM
What's the theme of your current Work in Progress? I find that I seem to have a favorite one that keeps cropping up, and it is in my latest book idea as well--that of loving God with ALL your heart, soul, strength, and mind. It's something I've only learned later in life as being the key to the 'abundant life' Christ talks about.

06-27-2005, 01:22 AM
I have two things going, the first is an account of finding my 16 year old runaway niece. She ran away from home in Boise, Idaho late on a Wednesday night. I live in Eureka, CA and was not informed until the following Sunday. I flew to Boise, and then left Boise with my 18 year old nephew to try and find her. We picked up her trail Tuesday in St. George, Utah and caught up to her in Santa Barbara, CA on Wednesday and had her back home in Boise late Thursday. It is a Praise God Glory Hallelujah! story. We hade one "miraculous" experience after another. Currently just under 40,000 words. I have only made one submission so far, if you have any suggestions on publichers of up-lifting true accounts I would appreciate them.

The other project is a longer one, it involves the writing of 24 or so "letters" to a small audience of Christian Brothers. The letters are of a progressive spiritual theme delving into ever deeper thoughts and revelations of scripture.

Which leads me to "loving God." I mull over scripture like a cow with a cud. There is never any end to the available nutrition. Several weeks ago the old testament admoniniton that "you SHALL love the Lord your God with. . ." struck me. Shall is a future tense. Loving God is an inevitable aspect to our redeemed spiritual life. We SHALL love the Lord our God. So now my prayers ask that truth to hasten upon me. Loving God is, or at least in my opininon, should be, the ultimate goal of our lives. Until we love God, some, if not all or our service to Him is self-serving.

Anyway, onward and upward. See you later.


07-06-2005, 07:31 PM
The Theme of my current work (which I'm actually starting TODAY, after more than a month of research), will be God's love, and how He has shown man for the last 6 days (6,000 years or so) that no matter what the circumstance, wonders, or miracles he does, man will pull away from Him into sin.

Now we get one more chance to see, and learn, and understand that even in paradise we are wicked, sinful creatures. And He still loves and reaches out to us.

07-07-2005, 07:50 AM
My current non-fiction project theme is "all things work together for good to those who love God and are the called according to His purpose." The book has to do with preparing for ministry through life challenges. It's about one woman's journey in heeding the call to the pastorate.

The theme for my fiction project (children's) is "a friend in need is a friend indeed." It's about a snail who receives help from a cockroach to find him home and save his life.

Calla Lily
07-09-2005, 01:07 AM
"The seeker will find God."

Of course, my seeker has bad guys chasing her, and is embroiled in a search for the source of a mysterious old page from a book. And she doesn't really know she's seeking. It sneaks up on her at the end.

- the Lily

07-11-2005, 06:16 AM
My WIP is a non-fiction arguing for the full-preterist perspective on the Second Coming -- that Jesus' Second Coming is a past event, not a future one.

Robin Bayne
09-17-2005, 08:09 PM
I just finished assembling an anthology of inspiration for writers, all based on writers' fave quotes or Bible verses.

Now working on a book of inspiration for cancer survivors and their families, based on Bible verses.

05-18-2006, 10:34 PM
What if the Da Vinci Code is not only in error regarding all of the ideas that it supports, but is actually a part of an age-old conspiracy whose aim is to destroy the existence of Israel and Christianity as well as eliminate the need for national borders and economic sovereignty?

In the Lebanese Desert a group of terrorists hide the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. As an Isreli intelligence operative scours the region for the nuclear device, a National Security Agency historian uncovers a conspiracy aimed at launching a global economic partnership that could bring the United States to its economic knees. A coded cipher from the President of the United States moments before his assassination drags the historian, and a lovely Israeli Mossad agent, unwittingly into a web of intrigue and espionage. Betrayed on all sides, they must countermand a nuclear plot designed by a group of militant globalists, and the final puzzle piece to disarming the enemy is an encryption key that activates a failsafe code hidden in the cipher sent to him in the beginning, and a password concealed in the name of Leonardo Da Vinci.

05-18-2006, 11:12 PM
Mine's a fairly-straightforward thriller, which will most likely end up in the ABA. Long story short, I have a three-book series featuring a newly-saved, Christian private-eye, published by RiverOak. The books were a kick to write, and garnered some very nice reviews. But because my protag is so different, plus they were written mainly for men, so far they've tanked badly (the last one ships Sept 1 to the stores). I simply misread the market, believing Christian men wanted solid fiction. I won't make the same mistake this time.

My agent is pitching my next series for the ABA. It features a very similar character, who's morally centered, but without any overt Christian content; hopefully the world will like him better than the church-folks liked my Christian one.

05-19-2006, 12:40 AM
I may have to get some of your Joe Box books, John. They sound very interesting.

Anyway, my WIP isn't a "Christian" book in the usual sense. It is a work of fantasy, set in its own universe with its own dieties that are not intended to represent Christianity even in an alegorical form. But it has a fair number of questions about the Christian faith that put in appearances. The biggest one is on absolutes, relativism, and the nature of reality. There's a bit about the arguement of whether God created man or man created God. And I've just been working on a scene involves such questions as, "Where is God when His servants do horrible things in His name?"

Puddle Jumper
05-19-2006, 08:33 AM
From time to time I have thoughts in regards to writing a Christian novel where the theme really focuses on the church and Christians living the life Christ would want them to. Because it seems so typical of churches to form cliques that exclude people. It seems so typical of churches to be filled with gossip. And so often people leave churches because they felt unloved and unwanted and just not welcome. So from time to time I entertain thoughts about writing such a story, but I lack focus on plot development and characters. Whenever I start writing I feel as though I'm just writing my own story through the guise of a character and I don't feel comfortable with that.

05-19-2006, 07:35 PM
My current WIP (works in progress) are related books on the topic of grief. I am writing a devotional for grievers, a Bible study for grief groups (with the help of a local pastor) and several grief-related articles.

My ongoing project: The Writer's Block website- a site for Christian writers is continuing to grow in content as well as readers. I contribute author profile articles each month and edit others' contributions. It is a lot of fun!



05-19-2006, 08:28 PM
I'm so glad you all are keeping this thread going. It's so interesting to hear about your projects, and encouraging to know of the work you're doing to fill a need, meet a calling, etc.

Elizabeth--you and I write the same stuff! (devotionals and Bible studies) --though my topics are different, of course. I'll have to check out that website...

05-19-2006, 08:52 PM

05-19-2006, 11:05 PM
The theme of my current work-in-progress can be summed up in the words of Christ:

"All things are possible for him that believeth."

I don't remember what Scripture that's taken from, but it's a darned good thing for me to write about. I have trouble believing God so often that it has become a habit to question whether or not God can do what He says He can do.

So I'm preaching to myself with this work as much as I am to readers.

Robin Bayne
05-23-2006, 01:51 AM
I just started something new--only a chapter into it--but I think the main theme will be 'forgiveness."