View Full Version : Episodic Gaming, Bridge Commander, and you.

07-08-2009, 11:43 AM
Bridge Commander was a bold and brave step into new territory that didn't quite work.

It did several things very well! It put you in the seat of the command chair, and allows you to blow apart other Star Trek ships in delightful ways. Nothing like chopping a nacelle off with a well time barrage of photon torpedoes.

However, where Bridge Commander excelled in combat, it failed in the place that Star Trek is supposed to shine: Thoughtful and exciting stories about characters we care about, in situations that are new and creative.

I can distill it down to three major failings.

The first and most blindingly obvious was the fact that every character looked like two flat planes attached to a lumpy polygon. There was no lip syncing, which was just bizarre, seeing as how the game came out in...2002! Seriously, people!

The second most obvious problem was your first mate, who basically ran the ship for you. You were the guy who directed combat, and sometimes, your First Mate would be a nice little bint and let you command the navigations or send out probes, but really, she was the one doing all the goddamn thinking. She was the one who communicated with the aliens, she was the one who told you what your objectives are, and she constantly whined at you for not following the goddamn Prime Directive SHIT!

Shatner never put up with this. No Shatern kept his pimp hand strong, goddamn it!

Anywho, the third problem was the story: It was kind of shit. It was completely forgetable in every way.


This brings me to my idea. I was struck by lightning while playing Sam and Max's episodic series while listening to a friend talk about End War.

Star Trek is PERFECT for episodes. Whether on TV or in a game, its always been suited to an episodic story. So...why not give us an episodic Star Trek game? Every month brings a new mini-game, with an exciting and well written storyline. Just hire some awesome sci-fi writers, like the original show did. I'm sure skilled writers would JUMP at the chance to not only dabble in the Star Trek universe, creating new and exciting worlds to explore, and moral dilimas, and heavy handed messeges about tolerance, but also they'd get paid!


Real money!

Now, of course, you'd have to create supporting characters that you, the player, can interact with. They'd have to be interesting, funny, and memerable. And, more importantly, they'd have to itneract with you in a way that makes them both useful and empathetic.

So, really, to make an episodic Star Trek game would require fine writing married with fine gameplay design.

...oh right, why did I mention End War?

Well, easy! Voice recognition software is getting better. A lot better. And anyone who has ever played a Star Trek video game has LONGED to shout, "FIRE EVERYTHING!" or, better yet, "make it so!"

Obviously, voice recognition would be a must for an episodic Star Trek game...

And yes, I know there is an MMO. Some of us want actual games, not money wasting time takers filled with whiny dipshits.

Also, I have no friends and hate interacting with people.