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Captain Jack
06-15-2009, 11:54 PM
Hello all,

I’ve been contemplating what to do when I finally get fed up with the rejections and turn to looking into self-publishing/POD. I’ve read through a lot of the threads here and have learned a great deal about the Lulu’s, CreateSpaces and getting books on Amazon etc.

I’ve come up with a potential discussion subject about the self-publishing side. …

Once the decision is made to go POD say with CreateSpace, that gets the book(s) onto Amazon and their own sales site, but what if I wanted to do some independent marketing that is independent of them?

First, I would buy the lot of 10 ISBN’s for the $275.00 … that gives me the freedom from CreateSpace to go sell the book(s) independent of them. I am assuming that there would be no restrictions for where I could sell or from whom I get the inventoried books printed. That being said, I find it highly unlikely that a longhaired first time author could walk into a Barnes and Noble or even an independent bookstore and convince them to stock their shelves. But …. Do you think they would be more inclined to consider stocking a book if it comes from a business entity?

…for instance, I own a small business. It is pretty useless right now but is still active. The name is Opening Day Media and it is an LLC here in Florida. I was thinking to convert the whole thing to somewhat of a fake “mini-publisher”…. Opening Day Media would actually buy the ISBN’s for my books so in theory; they would be the publisher of the books. Is that correct? So all the books that go to CreateSpace/Amazon have Opening Day Media listed as the Publisher as would any books I have printed outside of CreateSpace……(kinda tricky but avoids having the "self-published" stamp glaring at you). So I call B&N or the Independent as a representative of “This New Publisher” Opening Day Media and would like them to place a book of a new author. Do you think they would be more inclined to consider placing it because it came from a “publisher” rather than the author himself? Even if that “publisher” is not a mainstream “Big House” that they have heard of?…. Now, I realize that profits would be much slimmer, as I would have to pay to print them, say $6.50 each for 400 copies, set a list price of $14.95 and then give them their 40% discount. … I make very little, but the book gets out there …

SO! … I guess what I’m asking is if anyone has set up or used a “false-store-front” to get into the door of the book sellers. I would set up the Opening Day web site to resemble a publisher, but it would be for my books exclusively. There would be business cards, email addresses etc., and the book stores would even buy the books from Opening Day and return them there if necessary. The bookstores would be offered a business relationship independent of the pushy longhaired author trying to sell his books, but it would be the same longhaired author pushing his books, just wearing the hat of a “made-up” publisher! …

Think it would work?

Team 2012
06-16-2009, 12:18 AM
Very workable. A lot of that going on, actually.
And if you don't have 10 books ready to go, you might look around for some other people to publish...and become a real publisher and all.

BUT, it's still gonna be a really tough sell.

Captain Jack
06-16-2009, 12:26 AM
Thanks Team 2012..... I guess if there is a lot of that already happening then I wouldn't feel too much like a cheater if I did it!!

I thought about using Opening Day to offer other authors work as well but managing all of that smells like "full time job"! .... I'm too lazy for that! ... I already have plans for 5 of the ISBN's so will just continue typing away!

Have a Great Day!!

06-16-2009, 12:41 AM
Captain Jack, before you do another thing, buy and read the latest edition of Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual. You might also want to visit his website, www.parapublishing.com (http://www.parapublishing.com). Your post sounded as though you are busily attempting to reinvent a much-invented wheel. Don't. Do some serious homework first.

Also of value is Tom and Marilyn Ross's book on self-publishing. Some prefer it to Poynter's, although it is probably in its last edition, and not as recently updated.

You might also want to look for a local organization of independent publishers, and become acquainted, or join. For example, I belong to Northern California Publishers & Authors, HQ'd in the Sacramento, CA area, from which I have learned much. Their "Publishing 101" (http://www.norcalpa.org/membership/publishing-101) might be worth a look.

AW has a slew of threads about self-publishing/independent publishing, well worth some of your time.

FWIW, I know people with worldwide book distribution and sales -- sometimes running into tens of thousands (in one case (http://www.stagecoachpublishing.com/), 80 thousand+) for their titles. Independent publishers (self- or not) can produce books that are indistinguishable from those published by large houses (http://www.deervalleypress.com/). But it is hard work with a long learning curve. Start with Poynter's book.


Captain Jack
06-16-2009, 01:50 AM
Cool! Thanks Ken .... I appreciate your help ...

I've not abandoned all hope for an agent yet, but will definitely review your recommendations to get an idea of what to expect if (more like, when) I do!!

Thanks again - Have a Great Day!!

06-16-2009, 02:44 AM
. . . I've not abandoned all hope for an agent yet. . .
Excellent. That's the way to go if you can, IMHO, unless you really WANT to run a publishing business.

You might find my discussion of The Pursuit of Publishing (http://www.umbachconsulting.com/pursuit.pdf) of some value, too. Free pdf. No gimmicks, and mercifully short. But the homework is essential, and the annotated reading list useful. (You can buy a printed version at Lulu.com, but the content is the same, so there is no need.)

Best of luck with your endeavors. Happy to be of assistance.


06-16-2009, 04:41 AM
Plenty of great help and resources from Ken.

But I get an inkling you are still holding out some hope of an agent to take up the work. Exhaust all these channels first.

Self publishing by whatever means and methods is a business in itself and hard work.

The very best of luck.