View Full Version : Woooowwwww.... the NBA is back...

06-12-2009, 08:29 AM
(Since I started a sports thread elsewhere, I now want to show love to this spot here).

This has been a grrrrrrrrrreat playoffs, and I'm not just saying that because my beloved Lakers are now poised to win a title.

We've had enough big games and big shots to supply their own "Where Amazing Happens" commercial campaign by itself next year. From the Boston / Chicago series to Houston summoning surprising fortitude to push LA to 7 games, Lebron's game-winner that's second only to Gar Heard's shot against Boston on the "Greatest Shots That Ultimately Were Meangingless" list, Rashad Lewis's underrated game winner in Game 1 for Orlando against Cleveland, Big Baby Glen Davis' game winner for Boston over Orlando, Derek Fisher's improbable threes to beat Orlando in OT tonight (Orlando's endured more than their fair share of heartbreaking shots this postseason)....

...just moment after moment of greatness. The players have been so good it still manages to overcome the horrendously erratic officiating all playoffs long.

I frickin' love this game.

That is all.