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Lisa Cox
06-09-2009, 11:56 PM
Hello! As the title suggests, I'm looking for a beta (or two or three) for a YA fantasy novel. I'm looking to have it beta'd on a chapter-by-chapter basis as I finish and polish it, rather than sending you the full ms all at once.

A bit about the story:

Alex and Eden Rose are hunted by people who want to see the Lusi Naturae -- people with abilities -- eliminated. They are rescued by Hadley Valentine, a college drop-out who now works in the Victim Collection Division in Merinum City, the capital city of Arabyss.

Arabyss is a world born from an ancient Warlock's desire to create a sanctuary for the victims of the Hunters. He harnessed the power of the One Flame, the last remaining dragon, to create Arabyss -- a large, flat stretch of land surrounded by a protective sphere, situated deep within the Atlantic Ocean.

This new world is in a state of post-chaos reconstruction. Fifty years after its creation, a government is finally forming, bringing with it structure and law. Schools are developing, as are hospitals and media, currency and consumerism. It's a new world, but it's beginning to thrive.

Alex and Eden are thrown into this new world with nothing but themselves to rely upon. They have to work, and they have to go to school. Eden meets Dillon Fox, a stunning but quiet student who, for some reason Eden can't figure out, takes a shine to her. She finds it difficult to get close to him, however -- an ancient tradition of his people means he is betrothed to Melody Thorne, the school's bitchy popular girl. But Melody is not as shallow as she seems. In fact, her secret could be Eden's downfall.

Alex, rockstar in the making, joins Hadley's band. But soon their attention strays from music and falls upon the chemistry between them, and Alex is faced with some difficult soul-searching and a decision that could change everything he thought he knew about himself.

As if the hormonal insanity wasn't enough for the twins to deal with, they stumble right into a murder mystery. Everyone Alex gets close to ends up dead, making him the Prime Suspect. But he doesn't know that the murders are linked to him and his sister in a way he could never imagine, and there's a shocking surprise in store for both of them. And for Eden, it might be too late...


So that's the bare bones of it. Please excuse my poor job of explaining it all -- this is the first time I've ever tried to condense the story into a few paragraphs, and obviously I need more practice! lol. There's a lot more to it, of course -- subplots and other characters and the like. But they're the main points and I hope I've written it in a way that makes sense. :/

What I'm looking for in a beta is someone who can cover all bases, hopefully. Sentence structure, word usage, language, dialogue, consistent characterisation, plot, etc. I think I'm 99% okay with grammar, so you don't need to be an expert in that area.

Any takers? :-)

Lisa Cox
06-13-2009, 04:09 PM
Still seeking. :-)