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06-08-2009, 09:26 AM
Hey there! I have a heroine (MC) whose mother was half-Filipino (her grandmother married an American GI after WWII). Her father isn't Filipino at all, but of a mixed-Italian-American background. It's a contemp-romance. None of the novel's scenes are set on the Phillipines, but the culture figures into the Plot -- the villain, the vengeance, and some eskrima fighting.

My MC refers to her grandmother as her Lola (she's only referred to in the story, never seen in person). Their language is Cebuano. Is this a correct form of address for her?

Would a Filipino man address his father, in direct conversation, as Amahan?
Is the father the supreme head of a Filipino family?

Anyone know about drug-trafficking of cocaine or heroine from that part of the Pacific? In the story, I have created a drug cartel run by a Filipino guy which traffics cocaine thru Hawaii, and to parts of S America.

A friend who lived in Guam mentioned the mixed-breed issue. Would her Lola have been considered an outcast in the Filipino culture? (Lola does identify with her Filipino heritage.)

Her Lola also practiced forms of eskrima (FMA) - and passed this down to her granddaughter, the MC in my story. My questions about this is in another thread]

Lots of q's, I know!

And -- Plz only answer IF you are Filipino or have first-hand knowledge of the subject. Thanks so much for any help!:hi: