View Full Version : Reporting Crime in England - calling all journos

06-04-2009, 09:31 PM
I know there are ten things reporters can put in a news story once someone is arrested (or, I think, about to be arrested) for a crime, but can anyone tell me what those ten things are? And what is the penalty for publishing more than those things?


Kitty Pryde
06-06-2009, 02:00 AM
I'm neither from the UK nor a journalist, but here ya go. From here: http://www.media-solicitors.co.uk/RR_2.htm

The 1980 Act

The 10 main points that can be included in a report are:

1. the name of the court, and the names of the magistrates;
2. names, addresses, and occupations of the parties and witnesses, ages of the accused and witnesses;
3. the offence(s), or a summary of them, with which the accused is or are charged... (the rest is at the website)

The law is here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/RevisedStatutes/Acts/ukpga/1980/cukpga_19800043_en_3#pt1-pb2-l1g16
The Magistrate Courts Act of 1980, Section 8. Looks like if you break the law the paper or whoever printed the information gets a big fine.