View Full Version : Mentor Wanted For childrens writer

06-17-2005, 07:06 PM
I am an aspiring childrens writer, looking for someone with knowledge in the childrens writing Genre to mentor me.

I am looking for someone who is able to give me tips, guidelines, to help me set and achieve goals. someone who can help with pitching to magazines and Querying agents Basically someone who is knowledgeable in all areas and most of all is passionate of writing and willing to help, whom i can establish both a professional and personal relationship with.

If you think you can assist me please let me know via email at clarityjane@optusnet.com.au

Thankyou in advance

Clarity jane

07-10-2005, 08:10 AM
Surely there is someone that can help me out....

I have written the first draft of a Childrens picture book/series, but basically have no idea where to go from here in regards to editing and preparing text for submission and writing a query letter tp potential publishers/ agents so if you feel you can help me out please drop me a line

any advice would be greatly appreiciated