View Full Version : Adrenal fatigue vs. grammatical stress

Matera the Mad
05-31-2009, 12:54 AM
While shlopping around for information about my chronic condish, I ran across this quiz ("http://altmedicine.about.com/b/2004/11/02/adrenal-fatigue-screening-quiz-2.htm). The questions are good and to the point, but a few gave me the grammatical willies! :D For example:

I often have trouble waking in the morning, even though you went to bed at a reasonable hour. :ROFL:

I scored 80% :(

Still, laughter is part of the recommended treatment, so I got some free meds while I was there ;)

05-31-2009, 01:14 AM
That one made my brain hurt.

Maryn, easily wounded, grammatically

05-31-2009, 04:58 AM
LOL! That question made me pause. For a while.

Hot flushes? Should it be hot FLASHES?

You answered 5 items out of 16 correctly.

Your score is 31%. Your adrenal glands may be stressed.

Isn't there no right or wrong answer???