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05-30-2009, 02:14 AM
Hi all,

I have a few questions regarding recording contracts and the contract-signing process that I can't find answers to anywhere.

1. Exactly who at the record label "signs" a band? Who meets with the band and actually shows them the contract? Is it the A&R guy, the legal department, both, or someone else? Whose office would the band go to sign the contract in?

2. The band (call 'em Band A) in my story is discovered by an A&R executive who thinks he is going to a show for a different band. The band he thought he was going to see was replaced at the last minute by Band A. A&R guy likes what he hears, so he approaches them after the show and they trade cards. What happens next? Do Band A and the A&R guy meet before A&R guy tells the rest of the label that he wants Band A signed, or does A&R guy talk to the label right away? Or could it be either, depending or how much A&R guy liked Band A?

3. Band A, before being signed, does not have a manager. They do their own managing. After being signed, would the label provide a manager for them, or would they need to find their own? Would they even need a manager?

Cheers to anyone who can help!