View Full Version : Beta Reader needed for a YA Sci-fi

Katrina S. Forest
05-26-2009, 11:53 PM
I am in need of a beta for the first three chapters of my novel, Angel's Art.

Summary: After an accident leaves her with a partially-robotic brain, fourteen-year-old Angel Morgan doesn't exactly feel human. In fact, she doesn't feel much of anything until one strange and wonderful day when her dormant emotions begin flowing back to her.

I am looking for a line-by-line critique as well as your thoughts on the piece as a whole. In my opinion, the piece is polished and ready to go, but let's face it, even published manuscripts have the occasional typo. Harsh criticism is fine as long as it's specific harsh criticism. ^_^

I will, of course, be happy to offer the same to anyone who has a similar-length piece they need feedback on. Please PM me if you are interested, and let me know who you've beta-read for before. I prefer experienced beta-readers over readers who are trying it for the first time.