View Full Version : Horror/weird fiction writer looking for beta reader!

05-25-2009, 03:17 PM

I'm looking for someone to cast an eye over a handful of short stories, ranging from 2000 to 10000 words. They're all horror, although some have Lovecraftian connotations, and some are more supernatural.

I'm not adverse to harsh feedback but that's not really what I'm after in this case; I'm more interested to know if something doesn't quite make sense (and why) or if I've included surplus information, or done something to take you out of the story - that kind of thing.

The aim is send them off to magazines/websites, and I've sent a few off already (I do consider them finished and I've had someone look at them already but I've decided to get a 'second opinion', as it were).

If anyone's interested, you can see brief descriptions of the pieces on:
and if your interest is piqued, leave a message on here or email me! (wayne.goodchild@virgin.net)