View Full Version : Beta reader wanted for fantasy suspense erotica

05-23-2009, 06:17 AM
Hello everyone. New guy here, so ignore this or not as you see fit.

I am hoping to find another pair of eyes to look at my work in progress. It is a real between genre piece that I am tentatively labeling 'fantasy suspense erotica'. Essentially, it is a very intricate mystery/suspense piece set in a fantasy background that is also a a very steamy work of erotica. Both sex and mystery are essential to the plot.

Essentially it is a fantasy James Bond type espionage story with a strong female lead.

I have posted the first chapter over in the SYW section at this link:


Note that it is in the erotica section and that you will need that password to see it. Note also that the first chapter is deceptive as to the overall plot of the book. It's not very suspense-y in the first few chapters.

Anyway, it is a WIP. I am eight chapters/40k words into what will likely be 20-25 chapters and/or 150k words. I have written a very detailed outline that I am following (more or less).

I am not looking for a line editor. It's a first draft and I am really not ready for that kind of technical scrutiny at this time. What I am hoping to find is a general impression kind of person. I want to know if the characters seem real, if my world building feels realistic and if my exposition is too clunky, or what you think of the flow of the dialogue is working. Basically, question I want answered is 'does it work?'.

The fact that this is erotica makes things more complicated, too. I don't think that there is anything more subjective in fiction than what turns you on. Either what I write floats your boat or it doesn't, and if it doesn't than I won't hold it against you.