View Full Version : Ramming Speed: defeating your own AI to defeat the enemy AI

05-21-2009, 08:43 PM
I was running the Jutland game last night and my aim was to sink the Goeben (you have to use her sister the Moltke) using only Armored Cruisers.

I had the Imperial German battlecruiser caught while coaling with a RN squadron on one side and a French squadron on the other. The Imperial German AI concentrated on sinking the lead ship of the largest attacking squadron and ignored the French while speeding up. The IGBC was about to escape using its superior speed when the French closed to pointblank range, but their guns and torpedos still weren't doing much damage so I managed to force the Gloire to ram by trapping her between her two sisters. The Goeben was slowed and sunk by torpedos as a result of the ramming. The Gloire not only survived but went on to Ram the Depit-Thouars: