View Full Version : Looking for BETA swap (mine's YA SF / Thriller)

05-05-2009, 12:43 AM
For starters, it's 87,000 words, and here's a link to my (polished, thanks to SYW) query:


The book is (IMO) very polished and ready for nitpicks. As for the swap, I'd love to read something different from all the fae and vampire stuff swarming my local bookstores (I've already read all those).

If anyone's interested in swapping with me, we can PM each other to sort the details. I'd be very honest when critting and would appreciate the same in return. There's no crit too harsh where I'm concerned, but I'll probably be gentle when I return the favor.

What I can offer:

- I have a great grasp of grammar, punctuation, and spelling (both British and American--I use American when I write).

- I'm good at spotting info dumps, redundant words, unnecessary backstory, and POV switches.

Where I'll do my best:

- I don't always notice if something is written out of voice, unless it's wicked obvious

- vampire and over-popular UF don't hold my attention, but I'll still BETA for grammar, etc. Hardcore SF / F might go over my head too... but I'll try :)