View Full Version : New Title Showcase Worth the Money?

04-29-2009, 05:33 PM
I have just participated in the New Title Showcase (http://www.newtitleshowcase.com/) (also called "Combined Book Exhibit") at the 2009 London Book Fair for my self-published book, "Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City" (http://www.naughtyparisguide.com).

I must say that, after attending BEA 2008 in Los Angeles, where my book was displayed at the booths of my designers and my US distributors, that I was pretty disappointed by the New Title Showcase booth.

- The booth itself is quite sterile...ok, downright ugly. The signs were generic, there was no description except in the catalog, so people walking by wouldn't know that it was a combined book exhibit of several authors. Hard to attract people when it's surrounded by so many gorgeous booths.
- The books were arranged in alphabetical order by publisher. So my book, a travel guide for adults, was next to a children's picture book. This also made it hard for anyone who was looking (*if* they were looking) for specific kinds of books.
- A majority of the books are self-published, which alone is not a problem, but the lack of decent cover designs really took away from the books that were (or at least looked) profesionally designed.
- The catalog was also alphabetical by publisher, with no topic or title index, and, IMHO, also ugly and painful to browse.
- The entire time I was at the show, I did not see the HUGE stacks of catalogs go down. The booth workers told me they delivered a book to each booth in the show. But again, if I picked up the book and browsed a few pages, I'd put it right back done. It wouldn't hold anyone's interest.
- All of the people I met at the stand were OTHER AUTHORS ASKING ABOUT BEING IN THE EXHIBIT, not publishers, booksellers, or agents.

I think $265 is a bit over the top for what you get. Of course, that is just my opinion based on my own experiences.

I'm not the only one who has the same thoughts. (http://www.kimgilmour.com/blog/2008/04/drive-to-nowhere-at-london-book-fairs.html)

The people running it were very kind, friendly, professional; no complaints there. But I am glad I won't be at thier booth at BEA 2009 (I'll be at the Travel Publishers' Association Booth and again at the booths of my designer and distributor).

I would like to know what other participants have experienced using this service. Happy with it? Did you get any queries? Any "results" at all?