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04-24-2009, 05:13 PM
So yes in my 3rd post on these boards I have started a quest to look for a co script writer. I'll be honest now, it's my first stab at scriptwriting and I have no idea where the story will end. After all , an ending is nothing more than an artificial stopping point.

What is the premise?

War. Ever since the War of Independence the US and UK have never seen eye to eye. This disagreement becomes the Cold War, this Cold War leads to Empire building, that Empire Building leads to a Hot War. However this is all background. I think the way I want to tackle this with the help of a partner is to have two groups. A group of 4 American soldiers and a group of 4 British soldiers. The war is told from their perspectives and these groups will eventually meet but how they interact depends on how they forward the story.

If interested, write here or send a message. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Herman Munster
04-30-2009, 10:30 PM
Greetz A

I believe I know what you mean!
I am not sure if we would be compatible, perhaps I should put to you what it is I need and see what you think about that. Then we can proceed as required and desired!

I write Military/Espionage, that is the best fit genre I have found so far. I have a Special Ops TEAM in the present day.
I am technically illiterate.
At 47 yo, I came to writing last November so writing is not my strongest suit and it has never been a burning desire nor passion. I am too old to learn much more than fetch and carry and I am getting slower and slower at those too.

#1 is 114k
#2 is 84k
These two are interchangeable and fully independent of each other, I was told that 114k was too long for a first work so I wrote #2, 84k, simple!
#3 is 104k, it should be read after #1 at the very least but, of course, can be read alone without reducing too much of the enjoyment.

#4 is purpose written for an eBook request. It is 28k, but they did ask for 50-60k, but by 20k I killed everyone and had to mortally wound the hero, who miraculously, survives, to extend it.
I haven't submitted this to the eBook yet, but I have warned him it is short and promised him 60k from #6 which will be another eBook.

Now, what do I need?
I need a partner, a technical wordsmith. That I am not.

I do believe that I do write a damned good yarn. Not a lot of sex, not a lot of bad language but what I perceive to be the necessary and desirable actions of a covert ops group in the present day.

#1 is set in N Africa
#2 is set in Afghanistan
#3 is set in Iraq
#4 is set in a 747.

I have about another dozen openings, generally chapter one which may be turned into full works, fobbed off as shortish stories, or abandoned. I still have room on my hard drive and little care for that space.

I have read and reread your post, I am not sure that I could really write that myself and hence feel a bit out of place suggesting I would be of much use apart from the odd extra paragraph here or there, or maybe the odd radical idea.
I did do that for another author when they sent me chaps 1-4 about gang girls in LA. It was way outa my league and I was lucky to understand even half of it, it seemed to be mostly in a foreign language to me, but I was able to suggest some twists and turns that had not been considered, the cops, graft, corruption, prostitution, stand over, general crime and mayhem.

The reply I got was wild, and they ran off swearing to add all this stuff to their work. I haven't heard back. Perhaps I never will.

Let me know how you FEEL about my post, ideas, current works and what works for you.