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06-10-2005, 06:25 PM
Formerly "How much to charge", in Newbies, I thought it's more appropriate to be posted here w a more self-explanatory title.


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There's a very informative article about the subject matter in the 2005 Writer's Market titled "How much should I charge", by Lynn Wasnak. There are, probably, some who know this, already.

The article could be esp good for free lancers.

Though the title points to the hired writer, it can apply fully to the ones who hire such services, giving a very good idea what to expect when you think about hiring a service.

The article has an intro of how to calculate the price asked (annual desired income/annual working hrs - 1050 annual billable hrs) and then it goes to a full listing of writing and other writing related activities prices, divided in their specific sub-activity, like, for ex., "book query writing", "ghost writing" (in "book publishing") and so on.

The prices are divided into "per hr", "per project" and "other", w "high", "low" and "average" prices mentioned.

Here's the list of the main writing activities mentioned:

advertising, copyrighting & pr
audiovisuals & electronic communications
book publishing
comp, sci & tech
editorial/design packages
edu & lit services
mags & trade journals

The data was compiled from a voluntary survey among free lancers of various orgs and assns.

Finally it has a list of orgs which can provide info about how to "determine freelance pay rates, negotiating contracts, etc.", like ALTA, American Lit Translators Assn.

Hope it helps,