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04-10-2009, 05:27 AM
Is anyone planning on watching the premier of Harper's Island tonight? It looks interesting.

Wasn't there another show like this one? Murder in Small Town X or something like that?

small axe
04-11-2009, 03:03 AM
Part of me luv it, part of me hate it. Soap opera, ugh ... horrible suspense of the kid being trapped underwater next to the spinning prop ... yikes! Harry Hamlin showing up, urgh. Harry Hamlin being disemboweled before the first episode is over? Yay.

It's not that I like the gore, but I'll watch an effectively creepy murder mystery, whereas another soap opera I wouldn't.

The little girl frying the snail? To me that crossed the line. I've quit shows on principle, and i won't put up with much of that.

On THE UNUSUALS they sort of made light of someone hurting kitties. That wasn't amusing to me in the least. I may drop watching THE UNUSUALS if they make a mis-step like that again.

Hanging the rich from trees on HARPERS ISLAND though ... that's just catching the spirit of the times. Hang the Rich from trees, I say. Adopt a kitty from a shelter and listen to them purr with innocent contentment, I say.

04-11-2009, 03:14 AM
I do not often watch TV. Haper's Island (I watched last night) did nothing to sway me to plant seat on couch and change that. Not at all.


04-11-2009, 03:16 AM
Fortunately, I wound up missing Harper's Island. We went out to supper, then shopped a little, and I forgot it was on. Sounds like I didn't miss anything.

04-11-2009, 05:52 PM
The jury's still out at our house. The good is the creepiness and the mystery of what happened before and how it all ties into what's happening currently. The bad is the soap-operish feel of the show overall.

Odds are we'll watch it all the way through since we already know it'll wrap up in 13 episodes (ooo, 13, creepy ;) ) if for no other reason than to find out whodunnit.

04-12-2009, 05:41 AM
I just finished watching and i liked it. The fool child in me loves these kinds mysteries, especially when there is a remote, isolated location involved.

The one thing great about it is that we know there will be a definite ending. 13 episodes and the show gets closure. No need to worry about the show getting yanked in the middle or anything. I would nto be surprised if you see more of these types of shows popping up on the other networks.

04-13-2009, 10:29 PM
I watched about 20 minutes and gave up. Too soap opery for me. All the beautiful people, no one normal looking, all rich - it looked like it was made for the teenage audience. Just my opinion.


04-14-2009, 01:48 AM
I kinda got that impression from what I saw of it. But maybe it'll grow on me. I intend to watch again. There's not much interesting on television right now (excluding The Tudors) and It seems like forever until the next season of Dexter. I try watching L&O's various incarnations. Most of what I watch is just video wallpaper. Very few shows hold my interest anymore.

04-14-2009, 02:12 AM
Say what you will about the plot and the writing, Christopher Gorham is adorable.

I'd watch him paint walls. :)

04-15-2009, 09:55 PM
It was definitely like a soap opera. Aren't most of the actors from soap operas too? Ruby from Supernatural's in it, but they made her look so plain with that brown hair.

Wow, I'm going off topic.

It was okay, if a bit cheesy. I'm fine with giving it a couple more episodes. It just means I have to PVR Southland--a show worth watching over and over and skipping commercials anyway.

04-16-2009, 12:02 AM
Say what you will about the plot and the writing, Christopher Gorham is adorable.

I'd watch him paint walls. :)

Haha! I TOTALLY agree. Although, you know technically the killer could be anyone - including him! I can't see him being that evil! He's way too adorable to cut people in half...

My big theory right now is that... it's CAL!

04-17-2009, 07:31 AM
I had my first experience with Harper's Island tonight, and while I have to agree with everyone regarding the poor quality of the writing, there's something about the show I genuinely like. Like GavinPreacher, I've always enjoyed mysteries centered on isolated islands that induce a feeling of claustrophobia. Maybe it's that.

Or it could be Christopher Gorham. He's gorgeous. A yowza! -- not unlike that one -- might really be in order. ;)

I believe I'll keep watching, if for no other reason than this whodunit revolves around a really prolific murderer. Five victims in two weeks? Really?

04-17-2009, 05:50 PM
just watched the second episode, pretty good. The tension is ratcheting up nicely. 2 weeks, five bodies, lots of red herrings out there, damn good stuff for a mystery geek like me.

The only thing that didn't really work for me was Cal hanging upside down for all those hours and NOT getting dead. Kind of senseless to me. No real rhyme or reason to it as far as i can see.

All in all, still good stuff with those same qualities i like.

04-17-2009, 05:57 PM
Loving this series so far. I was perfectly creeped out and had the crap scared out of me a couple of times. Love it!

In fact, as I'm watching the previews last night for future shows, my cellphone rang right next to me and I nearly had a heart attack. I didn't realize I was that into it! :)

Much better than I thought it would be actually.

04-17-2009, 06:14 PM
Yeah, the first episode was all setup and character-introduction. It looks like it'll get better, especially based on the 'coming this season' clips at the end.

I really hated the fisrt episode though, LOL. Ep 2 was pretty good :)

04-21-2009, 08:56 AM
Yeah this show is okay. I love Mystery's too, but it's really hard to get past the crappy acting of some of them. I watch a soap too and the soap actors are better than these people. That said, I do like the show and will keep watching. The story is what keeps drawing me in, that and the dead bodies and not knowing etc.

It's getting better for me, and I'm glad.

04-21-2009, 06:43 PM
Yea, you have to commend the show for being so... "creative" in how everyone is being killed?

I also love that no one has really caught on yet that people are dropping like flies. Everyone is still so happy and oblivious. I can't imagine the chaos that is going to start, but the teaser for the rest of the season gave me chills.