View Full Version : Looking for beta to read WIP

04-07-2009, 01:15 AM
I've only posted first chapters on AW, but I am now looking for someone to read eight chapters of a WIP, tentatively titled "Pandora's Box".

This is a romance story, without the usual "girl loves boy, boy loves girl, oh, happy ending!" It's more like "girl loves boy, boy loves someone else, girl then loses it and tries to sabotage the relationship, and then at the end boy realizes he loves girl, but...too late, she fell for someone else".

Or something to that effect.

Pandora has loved her brother's best friend, Rainer, since forever, and when he calls to tell her he's engaged, something snaps inside her.

She resorts to scheming and devious acts to try to break Rainer and Lane (the fiancee) up, but gets a surprise when the fiancee turns out to be just as whacked as Pandora and retaliates.

Duncan, the boy who almost stole her heart away from Rainer so many years ago, pops into town and crashes the engagement party. He ruins all of Pandora's carefully laid plans to win Rainer's love, and to Pandora's consternation, wiggles himself back into her good graces. And possibly her heart.

Rainer realizes what a nutjob he's engaged to, ditches her, and tries to woe Pandora.

It's what she's always wanted, and strangely, what she no longer wants.

If anyone's interested in reading and critiquing what I have so far, please PM me. I want to know if this story works so far, and if it doesn't, what needs to be changed, added, deleted, and so forth. Thanks!