View Full Version : Seeking NY/NJ/CT women who've lost 20-50lbs or more

04-01-2009, 06:51 AM
I'm looking for New York/NJ/CT women in their 30s-50s whove shed significant amounts of weight (20-50lbs or more) simply by altering ONE habit. I'm not talking super obvious routes to fitness, like buying a treadmill or joining Jenny Craig. More like changes so small you almost dont even notice the extra calories youre burning/missing until you wake up one morning and your pants are too big.

Here are a few examples of what I'm looking for:

I got a dog! I really had to move to keep up with him.
I switched my daily Big Gulp full of Coke to water.
I got concerned about the environment and started walking to work.
I added a plate of steamed vegetables to the dinner table every night, no matter what entree I was serving.
I ate whatever I wanted but I cut my portion sizes in half.
I got DVR and started watching my favorite shows all on one night. Suddenly I had a lot of time left over to work out.

Again, these are just examples. I'm certainly open to lots of different scenarios-- the more surprising the better.

Interested in celebrating your success and inspiring other readers? Email me your name, age, contact info, job, how much weight youve lost, a bit about the change you made and how it helped you shed the weight. Please include clear before and after photos. Ill be in touch with more info. Note: there will be a photo shoot involved. Thanks!!

Email: smallchange@nyc.rr.com