View Full Version : Teens Writing For Teens beta/word count group

03-31-2009, 02:58 AM
This is a new crit group that's formed off of the Teens Writing For Teens thread in the YA forums. You don't have to join the thread to be in the group, but if you're a twiftie, we welcome you.
Basically, it's a group for those between 13-20 years old. This works partly like NaNo and partly like a crit group. We have a homepage on google groups. The objective is that members complete 5 pages each week for others to crit. I'm hoping that there will be 4-6 members in each subgroup of our crit group: realistic YA and fantasy YA. So basically, about 8-12 members in all.
You can PM me if interested, for an application. Deadline's April 1st.